My first trip with my Champang-pang.

Once upon a time in Champang-pang land there was a Champang and Champang-pang. Without a doubt Champang loved Champang-pang more, but this is not the point of the story. Sometime in the Summer of 2010 both "pangs" decided to go on a trip to Esspeng (Riverhead). So they headed on to to rent a car with a hotel for 3 days. They planned to head out on a Wednesday and return on a Friday. So Champang being all cool and responsible packs only his necessary things for the trip, Champang-pang on the other hand ends up taking three pairs of everything. They end up in Esspeng and check into the hotel, they have a nice first night in the hotel room eating and watching tv. They wake up in the morning and have some se..namon rolls and egg with sausage. They then headed out to the Hamptons and drove past driveways for 20 minutes looking for a beach.With little luck they decided to look for another beach, and found one which was too wild to swim in, but they had fun nonetheless. Afterwards they headed back to the hotel and swam in the pool with some children.Champang was so good at swimming, he knew how to do every stroke with minimal spalshing, Champang-pang was drowning and champang had to save her every minute. They then headed to the hotel room and Champang-pang caught a cold. Later that evening they end up going to Applebees and meet some "Riverheads", after the meal they head to the beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset. They loved the beach so much that they decided to go back the next day with some "floaties". On Friday they remember all the fun times they had driving through the fields and swimming in seaweed. They end up driving back to NYC and arrive just in time thanks to Champangs expertise timing, but most importantly without Champang-pang, Champang could not make such great decisions and go on such a great trip. So Champang would like to thank Champang-pang for such a great time and hopes there are many more to come.

Thanks for a great time Champang-pang! I love you more and more each day.
I loved spending this summer with you and hope there's more of such great trips.

July 28 2010 - July 30 2010